7 Packages of lady finger cookies
1 qt Espresso Coffee
4 oz Dark Rum
3 lbs. Cream Cheese
2 lbs. Mascarpone Cheese
4 Eggs (separated)
2C Sugar
2 oz Vanilla
½ qt Heavy Cream
1C Shaved Chocolate


Mix the espresso and the rum and let cool. Soak cookies in the espresso mixture and set them on a sheet pan that is lined with paper towels. In a separate mixing bowl with the paddle blend together the cream cheese and the mascarpone and 1 oz of vanilla, add 1 cup of sugar and blend until smooth. Take the egg yolks and a half of a cup of sugar stir together over a double boiler until the mixture is cooked but not scrambled. Like a zabaglione mixture. Take the egg whites and whip them to stiff peeks.

Take heavy cream and whip with 1/2 cup sugar to stiff peaks. Fold the cooked eggs into the cheese mix then the whipped cream then the egg whites. Then line the bottom of a hotel pan with a thin layer of the cheese mix. At this point take the cookies and individually lay them side by side until the bottom of the pan is covered. Then take the cheese mix and spread a thick layer on top of the cookies. Repeat the first step with the cookies and the second step with the cream. Top the cake e with shaved chocolate.

Serves 10