Baked Crab Dip


Crab Mix
1b Crab
6 Artichokes (do not use brine)
Teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper
½ Tablespoon Black Crack Pepper
Tablespoon Salt
(mix ingredients with blender or hand whip)

Bake Crumb
3 Shallots (minced)
2 Clove Garlic (minced)
¾ Cup of Oil
½ Cup Lemon Juice
1 Pack of Ritz Crackers

Melba Toast
Slice day old Italian Bread (thin)
Mix – tablespoon Paprika Salt
Garlic Powder
Tablespoon Onion Powder
½ Cup of Vegetable Oil
(Then Bake until toasted)


Put crab meat in a casserole dish and top with mix of crumbs. Cook until brown. Serve with Melba Toast of the side.

Serves 6